The principles of lovism

There are certain premises to lovism, and while a person may disagree with them openly, he or she may not request that statements based on these premises will be banned in a lovist forum – in lovism, these are indeed, protected premises:

  1. There are only two sexes in the human species.
  2. Sex is innate, and while any person has the freedom to live his and her personal life dressed as any sex, the innate sex cannot be changed.
  3. In the vast majority of humanity, between the two sexes there is an innate, mutual sexuality directed innately toward the other sex. It is an immutable sexuality, and therefore demanding to, or acting to, rewrite or erase it, is an act of oppression akin to conversion treatments meant to change LGBT’s sexuality.
  4. The sexuality of men and women is not identical. There is such a thing as women’s sexuality and such a thing as men’s sexuality. Sexuality pertains here not merely to intercourse but to all aspects of sexual relations, including attraction, courtship, couplehood, parenting, and more. Some properties of the two types of sexuality overlap, but each sexuality of the two has unique features which are not cultural but part of an innate nature determined by innate sex. This means that unlike other domains of human existence such as work or the law, in sexuality there is besides symmetry also asymmetry, creating some different and complementing drives, that generate a two-sexes sexuality (some would argue that in most people the complementary qualities of the other sex are absolutely necessary for happiness). This means that in sexuality in its wider sense both sexes usually don’t want symmetry, but reciprocity. What things are similar in men and in women and what are different, and what precisely reciprocity would mean for both, is a knowledge-gap between the two sexes that causes today a tremendous amount of misunderstanding and frustration, which are mis-attributed in recent years in both sexes to inconsiderate attitudes of the other sex, and so, talking sincerely about reciprocity is one of the primary things lovism is for. But, the fundamental understanding that sexuality is not symmetrical and is in some ways different between the sexes, is a premise of lovism.
  5. Rather than sexuality being limited to physical intercourse, sexuality is a vast psychological construct in the human psychic (and some would argue that as such, sexuality in its widest sense, of love with the other sex, is the key for the very feeling of a human that there’s a purpose for existing – for a sense of existential realization). Being the vast psychological construct it is, sexuality affects countless aspects of a person’s psychology. So, because there are two innate sexes with two complementing and partly different innate types of sexuality that affect the person’s psychology, there are some innate psychological differences between the sexes. This should not be interpreted in this context as concerning cognitive capabilities or abilities, but as affecting some innately-determined inner definitions of satisfaction that cause some differences in preferences and choices between the two sexes, under otherwise completely equal and free circumstances. That is, sex and the sexuality it determines, are the reason for some differences observed between the two sexes outside the realm of sexuality.

In one sentence, these premises amount to saying that there are two sexes with two different and complementing types of sexuality, and that because sexuality is an important part of human psychology this makes the sexes somewhat different in addition to being mostly similar. Anyone may attempt to disagree, but under no circumstances any demands to ban expressing or assuming these premises should be respected in lovism.

If you believe that at least within heterosexuality, the deepest intimacy human beings reach is not in a militant solidarity with their own sex but with the other sex; if you believe that the sexes have been pulled away from each other by extremists; if you think that the sexes are both human and as such are both hurt by the other sex and both may hurt the other sex, because everyone are only human, and that instead of forming two armies, men and women need to simply talk with each other together in openness, about what’s troubling them, without blaming each other, but on the contrary – because they both want to understand each other and help each other to be happy, then you belong here.

Cover image: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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