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Start the lovist conversation

If you read the book and empathize, make your voice heard. Give people around you a name for what we all feel – that not accepting the extremism of feminism does not mean in any way opposing equality, because there is a more humanist and humane meaning for equality than feminism’s:

  • One of equality under the realization that contrary to feminist dogma, the sexes are not identical, and therefore equality does not mean identical lives formed by imposed sameness interpreted as equality, but solely equal opportunity and equal cultivation, that then accepts and respects free will and personal choices.
  • One of an understanding that separatism from the other sex and silencing of the other sex does not produce listening, but on the contrary, it can only generate in any person the very opposite – deafness and disengagement, and that only a paradigm of mutuality and reciprocity can achieve what both sexes wish for.
  • One of an appreciation that dictation by aggression and fear, used in feminism to impose its vision of sameness, will not better the relations between the sexes, but only listening in return for listening can achieve that, in a mutual and open conversation where both sexes can express themselves freely and equally.

Let this common understanding about equality become explicit by simply giving it a name – we may call this advancement beyond feminism, lovism, which is nothing more than equality as mutuality and reciprocity based on listening, as opposed to forceful dictations based on fear.

You can use the hashtag #Lovism or write, “I am not a feminist, I am a lovist!” to express your endorsement of equality as mutuality and reciprocity based on listening.

Start the lovist conversation:

  • Create groups on social media, present the principles of lovism, invite women and men to have the lovist conversation – to tell each other openly about their side of sexuality to create understanding and reciprocity.
  • Initiate meetings in your area about lovism and help the audience form groups where they can have the conversation.
  • Write about what you feel about lovism or learn through the lovist conversation.

You are always welcome to share your thoughts and activities here by using the Contact link above, and it will be added to as a post and shared further.

Let people know that there is a name for a true, shared, and mutual human equality between men and women!

  • A note to the reader: Some marginal religious groups seem to have previously adopted the term Lovism to represent agendas unknown to this writer. None of those agendas are related to Lovism as used here. Lovism as described here is not a religious or a mystical term but a humanist term.