About the Author

Henry Blair

Henry Blair is a novelist and a poet. He has a master’s degree in neuroscience and bachelor’s degree in psychology, and he and his wife are the parents of a four-year-old boy. All these come into play in the book Lovism. Based on his experiences as a human rights worker and as an activist from youth in the ideological left, giving him a years-long inside look on feminism, Blair reveals how feminism has become a set of views that contradict humanism and equality, when it turned to female supremacy and anti-male, racist-type perceptions. With referenced data and accessible explanations about the neuroscience of our sexuality, provided to replace the existing misconceptions generated by feminism, he portrays a new conversation, which is mutual and includes both men and women, based on love, rather than on the fear that feminism promotes as a basis for relations. 

While his novels were awarded several prizes, Lovism appears under the alias Henry Blair. He chose to use an alias due to the atmosphere of violence and threats (expressed in such slogans as “kill all men”), employed today to deter writers from thinking freely about the assumptions and conclusions of feminism, and for silencing writers by attacks to prevent perspectives and information from reaching the public, preventing proposing a new, universalist, humanist and humane paradigm of equality.